Well, my knitting has been on hold for a couple of days, so I’m going to be knitting on my lunch break. Since it’s not fair that I don’t get to knit! Especially if DH still gets to play Airsoft. Anyway, the house is more lovely every day, even with the work we have to deal with. Never thought I’d own my own home at this age. And its nice because every time we are at the new house, the contrast to where we have lived for the past two years is huge. I do have some pictures, but I don’t have them uploaded yet. I’ll try to post those at some point, but of course its going to be crazy busy.
The really exciting things:

  • It came with a free pool table, complete with balls and cue sticks, that the previous owners did not want
  • It is already setup with high speed fiber optic internet so I will be cruising in the fast lane finally, wirelessly, and will be able to put up lots more pictures
  • The sheer size is mind-boggling for me
  • The kitchen is actually usable
  • The view of the city at night is gorgeous, and yes I will try to get a picture of that as well

On the business front, I found a free blog service that comes complete with a store and is integrated with Paypal, so hopefully soon, I will be posting the link and will be going live, even though I have nothing to sell as of yet.

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One thought on “Interesting

  1. Yay new house awesomeness! Sad for no knitting time. Tell that man to put down the guns and give you a hand! LoL

    Thank you for the encouragement regarding our chronic(les of narnia) affliction 😉 May 16th cannot come soon enough!

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