Monday Musing

OK, I really need to plan to do this during my lunch break rather than 15 min before I go home. The reason being that internet access at work is much quicker and more readily available than at home right now. BTW, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone! Anyways, on to . . . *drum roll*

SakuraMonday Musing! And the musing of this past week as probably been the approach of spring, and the lovely sakura cherry trees which are blossoming outside where I work. The Japanese love the blossoms of the cherry trees so much, they have a festival to celebrate when they bloom. And I find that the cherry blossom pink is possibly the only shade of pink which I can not only stand, but enjoy and think beautiful. It’s so nice to see them bloom. To know that spring has to be close, the re-awakening of flowers and warmer temperatures. The urge to knit lacy things (no, not racey things). So I guess its a musing on what seems to be a re-birth, an evidence of life and the continuity of life. This is an especially interesting musing considering that this is Holy Week and we are approaching Easter, the celebration of God-life. A kind of life that death cannot hold or strangle or put out. And the fact that we can have that same kind of life in our everyday happenings. That God sent Jesus to die to give us that life. Its just amazing. To walk in that life and fully know what it really means to live. And understand that even when we outwardly seem to have been buried in winter’s snows, that the sakura will bloom again and spring is coming. Hope.


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