Monday Musing . . . in High Gear

OK, since I don’t have much time, I’ll try to be brief, but my musing over the past week has really been about trust.  Or the lack thereof.  We went to make an offer on a house yesterday.  And the “offer” (read legal contract) is a little ridiculous.  Probably about 15 pages to say, we would like to buy your house.  I understand that both sides need to not get swindled.  That makes complete sense, but we have grown, as a society, so mistrustful of people around us that we have to cover every possible area someone might get us from.  Every possible contingency and both parties have to sign.  If nothing else, the huge number of lawyers in this country is a clear sign of mistrust.  After all, demand creates more supply and in this case, the demand to sue the crap out of our neighbors and total strangers for whatever reason, creates the supply of lawyers to fulfill this demand for suing.  Well, that is all I can fit in to the last 5 min of work.  Have a great Monday, and take a nap to catch up from Daylight Saving Time.


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