Something that just makes me angry

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OK, some of you may already be aware of this, but I am outraged and completely bewildered by the recent ruling of the California Courts.  They have set precedence that homeschooling cannot be allowed in California, and that you must either send your children to public school or pay for private school.  Now, I know there are some good public school teachers out there, and several taught me.  However, I am one who wants to home school my children, when I have them, since not every single teacher out there will give my children a good education without indoctrinating them into something I do not want (read paganism, meditation, buddhism).
What really upsets me about this decision is the obvious obstruction of individual rights that this case represents.  Essentially the state of California has said that parents no longer are fit to decide what is the best way to educate their own children, and only the state can make proper judgments about this sort of thing.  For crying out loud, that is called COMMUNISM.  The Russians tried it.  Let’s see, the state of China did really well with education, when they ran students over with tanks.  OK, that was a little bit off to compare Tianamen Square with California’s decision, sorry.  Back on topic, you cannot take away individual rights, especially those in connection with the First Amendment.  I notice that the ACLU is not protesting such a violation.  The First Amendment gives people the right to worship freely, and I see it that they also have the right to protect their freedom of worship.  If a government establishment, like the school, prohibits freedom of worship, teaches things contrary to your beliefs, and possibly tries to encourage worship and beliefs other than your own, while at the same time condemning your expression of worship, then the parents should have the right to withdrawal their children from that establishment and look for a means of educating their children while also incorporating their expression of worship.
And of course you won’t see this in any of the major news agencies.  Only when the Left gets stepped on, does it become news-worthy.


2 thoughts on “Something that just makes me angry

  1. Very interesting article. I do think parents who homeschool their children should be held to a standard, and that the mother in that story should be certified, but I completely agree that it’s usually liberal thinking (not conservative!) that robs us of our freedoms. Of course the ACLU won’t protest this. They wouldn’t protest it even if the mother was a certified teacher with five graduate degrees. They’ve long been a joke.

  2. I am so a huge homeschool advocate and seeing several stories now published on nightly news shows I am just amazed a state that prides itself on forward thinking could be so backa**wards in this!

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