Help needed . . .

OK, so I am close to finishing up my pattern template, and can have a second mockup of a hat done and will need test knitter volunteers to make sure someone else besides me can understand my directions.  You’ll get wool yarn of your choice (it’s felted) and a copy of the pattern.  You’ll need to have time to knit this, its a fairly simple pattern, within say, 1 month, and to email me your comments/pictures/problems so I can edit and change where necessary.  Leave me a comment if you’re interested, with your email, and I’ll contact you privately about it.  You will probably also get a goodie of some sort with the yarn.
PS – WordPress, this is a call for a volunteer, not marketing.  No money will exchange hands.  Thanks.

I have some pictures to post tonight.  Of the snow a few days ago, and my pair of Fetching modified which should be finished tomorrow!  Woo hoooo! And it is almost Friday, and not just any Friday!  Its one of our allowance paydays, so I get fantastic money tomorrow that I can spend.  Maybe get a knitting pattern book, a pair of shoes and maybe some more yarn.  We’ll see!


4 thoughts on “Help needed . . .

  1. Hi,
    Don’t know if you remember me, I sent you a database for your yarn. How did that work out? Anyway, would be happy to test drive your pattern. I already have plenty of wool yarn though, so don’t need that.

  2. Ang – did you get some volunteers?
    Let me know I would love to test something being relatively new – I am always looking to expand my stitch repetoire : )

  3. Hey everyone, thanks for replying!
    KitsKnits, I’ve contacted you but am still trying to get my side of things done, sorry for the delay.
    Terri, hey yes I remember you, and I appreciate the help.
    Char – yes please I can use the help as well. The stitch is a basic braided cable, which I set down and charted out for copyright reasons, strictly out of my own brain. (That was a disclaimer for any copy right infringement police that may be out there). I will have a chart and written directions for the cable included.

    This hat has three variations so if you guys want to take one of them, one is a single color version w/ cables, one’s a two colored w/ cables, then a version without a ribbon band (both the others have a ribbon band) so I guess that actually counts as 2 not just 1 variation. I guess you guys can pick which one you’d like to test and shoot me an email or ravelry message. If you need wool, I’ll send it to you. I promise promise promise to have pics up of at least the 1 color version by Friday. Its a cloche shape, retro looking.
    Thanks everyone!

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