And now for something completely different

OK, for a gripe.  I have spent the most part of my time the last little bit looking for a pretty cardigan pattern.  Something V-necked and fitting.  Maybe with cables.  Don’t really care as long as its V-neck and fitted.  WHICH DOESN’T EXIST!  I’ve found maybe 5 patterns out of all of ravelry, which fit those 2 simple criteria in some way, though not entirely.  Am I being picky?  I like things that make me look good.  V-neck with some fitting in my waist looks great!  I have 6 skeins of Rose Heather Wool Ease for a cardigan.  I think I’ll make it elbow length for spring.  It will be lovely, warm, happy.  But now comes the prospect of creating the silly thing.  From scratch because we can’t possibly have something be easy or already out there.  Hey, at least if I get it designed, then I get to sell it.


One thought on “And now for something completely different

  1. I would love to suggest Marnie’s “Bella Paquita” I think you’d have an easy time making it a cardigan & it’s definitly fitted and O SO Cute!
    marniemaclean (DOT) com/patterns/BellaPaquita/index(DOT)html

    Hope you find-or figure out-what you are looking for!

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