Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

I guess the big news right now, is that President Nichols has resigned from the College of William & Mary rather than serve out the rest of his term.  Personally, I find his resignation cowardly, and yet another example of his controversy-mongering.  He seems not only incapable of handling controversy and delicate situations, but to also attract them, or stir them up himself.  Its not necessarily his views that disturbed me, but his lack of diplomacy and statesmanship, and his inability to make decisions for an entire body of students.  He seems to only make decisions based on one segment of the student body.  A leader of such a large  body of people has to be willing to compromise for the betterment of all.  He just didn’t seem capable of doing that.  More of this is related at W&M’s website
and the campus newspapers The Flat Hat, and The DoG Street Journal.  While I’m sure there is some politicing and general hoodwinking going on on both sides, the most important thing for all involved is to maintain and uphold the reputation and position of this college in this country.  And while it does matter who is right and who is wrong, most importantly are the students, who have been pushed and pulled in this whole ordeal, and who are torn and wounded by the actions of President Nichols.  Instead of letting the student body move on, he is causing division and anger to flare, and segmenting the body.  And for all those out there who are withdrawing donations because of this, remember that for everyone of you, there’s someone like me who will start to give now that Nichols is gone.


One thought on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

  1. I am completely with you on this. I was there for his first year. I was not impressed. His abrupt resignation is deeply inconsiderate of the college that he claims to love. It makes me sad that the majority of the students blame the Board for this, when he could have had some class and stayed through the end of the year. He simply lacks professionalism and good sense.

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