Craft Show Update . . . and so Much More!

So 3 scarves are finished for the craft show. I wanted 4 done by yesterday but couldn’t squeeze it in. My hands aren’t cramping either so that must mean I didn’t injure myself in the process. I’m supposed to try to get some bags done this week but I also have Ice Castles this Saturday and need to do a couple of little things with my garb. Hopefully I’ll enter in some of my spinning for their novice competition. But otherwise things seem to be progressing. It is unbearably cold here. Any my workplace has consigned all space heaters to the Outer Darkness, so I sit here typing fast to keep my fingers warm, with 2 pairs of socks on, a blanket and fuzzy house shoes. And I am so sleepy, I am about to fall over.

Here’s to a dreary and sleepy Tuesday!


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