Some thoughts . . .

First, during the snow last week (our first real one), the thought went through my head of how glad I am to live in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This is because I pay them twice a month from my gross pay to do things, like keep the roads clear of snow and fill potholes, and finish construction projects in a timely manner.  This same kind of expected work for payment does not exist on the Tennessee side of line, because they do not get paid.

Second, I have determined that there must be crack in the water supply here.  Some one must be dumping crack into South Holston.  The reason being the crazy drivers and people.  They act like they are on crack.  I also stated to Austin on Friday after witnessing some of this crack-like craziness that this is the reason we have a water filter.  To filter out the crack.  If you live in my area, I recommend getting a water filter, or you will succumb!

On a knitting note, my first cowl is almost done, a heavier lace cowl in Microspun.  I will post a picture when its done.  The lighter weight Dragon Skin cowl will have to wait until the right size needles are bought.  I desperately need to finish mine and my coworkers Fetching soon so I can start on my Craft Show items.   They really need to get done ASAP!


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