I’m really enjoying ravelry, if I can just get some pics taken this weekend to post on flicker of current and past projects. I hate not having pictures. This is limited by the fact that the cable we use in order to connect to the internet is also used to connect our camera to the computer and severely limits how much I can do at one time.

I am currently at work bored out of my mind. I feel like my body is being attacked by some microscopic thing, and I am hoping we go home early due to the coming holiday weekend, but that is not guaranteed. So its sitting here, looking and sounding like I’m working, with my head feeling funny, hoping the email or announcement comes that says, please, go home.

My fetching gloves are coming along so nicely, and the alpaca is a dream! I’m also trying to plan out a lace smoke-ring, as I have not found a free pattern that suits me. I’m probably just being too picky.

Also, I thought I would share, the sewn bag pattern I posted earlier this week included the use of what I have discovered to be a difficult to find notion. The 14′ hex open purse frame can only be found online. So, not content to pay out the wazoo for one, I googled until I found As they are a wholesaler who will dable in retail, they sell that sort of thing for cheap, even for a single item , its in the US and at least where I’m it would arrive in a couple of days! So kudos to them! They also sell macrame supplies randomly but hey, its still cheap.

Also, after having to edit this post several times due to my lack of coherence, I realize the funny head feeling is affecting my thoughts, and therefore, any type of communication. I apologize in advance. I should not post with funny-head feeling


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