I wish it were the weekend . . .

As I sit here at work, finally playing on Ravelry and listening to TSO, wishing I could sit here and get paid to knit, I truly wish it were the weekend already. To think I have 1 more day left this week is almost too much! Christmas is coming, which means at least $75 in yarn cash I’ll be getting to spend how I want! My to-do list here at work is almost done, so I really don’t have much I can do to occupy myself. And I have gotten so many Christmas presents from co-workers, it almost feels like I’m really celebrating Hanukkah since I’ve gotten a present a day for the last week. OK, this post doesn’t sound full of Christmas cheer, and even with getting presents bought and most wrapped and Christmas cards out, I still for some reason feel stressed. Austin and I will end up having to drive from house to house over the course of 4 days, and we don’t have any kids as leverage to change this fact. I hate feeling like if I don’t see certain people for Christmas, I’m a scrooge and should feel guilty (or be made to feel guilty by those certain people). I’m not! I love Christmas, I just hate being put in a state of exhaustion over it. OK, I’m done ranting. I’ll start smiling again and try to enjoy myself. And maybe knit for therapy.


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