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OK, getting there on ravelry. Also, an update on the craft show deal. Both my friend and I are serious about selling, so we’ll probably get together sometime soon to talk about it. I’m getting ideas in my head of what to make and sell, so that should be good. She also mentioned how she would love to have a yarn shop in an area that has none. We threw that idea around some last night after church service was over. I can see how we could use the craft show, which is in this area, to have a signup sheet with name, email, do you knit/crochet?, items you would like to buy next time. That way we would also be getting whether they use yarn and what kind of projects they would use yarn on, which would tell what kinds of yarn they would need. 🙂 I told my friend that I would definitely be interested so we’ll see how that pans out. It really seems that God is opening a door for this crafting thing I want to do or possibly even a yarn shop.

PS- Today is my Friday!  Yay for PTO!


One thought on “Update

  1. Maybe you could even offer lessons. Would you be interested in learning to knit/crochet? $25.00 a lesson? I don’t know. Just an idea.

    I am making fetching right now. I’m pretty geeked up about them because they ARE knitting up fast. They could be done if I hadn’t been online for a while yet. 😉 I’m almost done with a baby sweater too.

    When I was younger I found out how to take the part that strikes out of the typewriter, and I loved those peices. They were everywhere, tho. They hated that.


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