Knitting goodness . . . and a rant.


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This is nice in terms of progress. I’m hoping to get in soon. Talked with my husband about next year’s craft show and I need to get in gear on a plan for what to make, how much yarn and how much to sell for. This is my first adventure in selling what I make so its scary and exciting. Any tips would be helpful. It’s mainly hats, scarves, bags and such. The main fun thing is getting all the yarn I’ll need. I’m really hoping to get into ravelry so that it can help me organize for this big project. I know I would have fun on there at least.

So after researching, how do people even do craft shows with all the issues of copyright infringement?  I mean, say I have an idea for a capelet.  I know the type of yarn, and while I have a capelet I’ve made from a knitty pattern, this one has significant differences (no collar, ribbon tie closure, all stockingnette stitch).  This would be fine as I understand it, but if I wanted to add an embellishment, such as a cable or textured stitch, it may then be copyrighted?  Do I need to search the net to be sure that someone hasn’t already come up with this?  Or am I ok as it is?  Then when it comes to selling, I know to simply ask if I want to reproduce an object for sell from someone else’s pattern, but once again.  If I put a simple 3×3 rib on a scarf, or a certain cable pattern, is the scarf now copyrighted and I can’t sell it?

I’ll have to check with a lawyer friend I’ve got, I guess.  All the faqs or pages out there dealing with copyright and knitting, seem so confusing and do not offer answers.  I know this is a confusing bit of law anyways, but still.  It seems impossible at this point for lone crafters to sell knitwear without having licensed rights and paying out the wazoo which is difficult for a newly starting up lone crafter.  Eventually I would like to have an online store of knit things and work from home.  But knowing that I had best be designing a whole bunch of my own patterns for that time to not risk infringement is a major setback.  Kinda discouraging entrepreneurs to start their own business in the arts and crafts field.  Sad.


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